Managing ‘cognitive hygiene’ to alleviate employee mental health issues and improve business performance

Individuals are challenged on a daily basis by the forces of life that can be opportunities or challenges, with even some of the most exciting opportunities becoming quite stressful if not managed properly. These stressors come in many forms, varying from personal stressors to work stressors and range from mild to moderate to major. As more employees are going to work experiencing a form of stress, organizations are seeing increasing risk levels for individuals with mental or physical illness in the workplace.

About this white paper

This white paper explores the concept of “cognitive hygiene” and how coping skills and resiliency are significant in predicting health outcomes and employees’ engagement levels.

Cognitive hygiene refers to the ability to effectively manage negative thinking, maintain cognitive abilities to solve problems and make good decisions without thinking errors that might influence mental health. In this white paper, Dr. Bill Howatt explores how coping skills and resiliency impact an individual’s everyday life, and how investing in cognitive hygiene has the ability to improve an organization’s bottom line.

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