• Business. Needs. People.

    Your business needs people. Your people need HR support. We work with you to create the right HR solutions to generate success. Maximize operational effectiveness, productivity, and cost effectiveness; increase engagement; and manage risk.
  • Productivity and cost effectiveness

    Cost effectiveness is the result of smart choices based on dialogue, data, design, and delivery. We work with your team to develop HR solutions that have a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • Operational effectiveness

    Our people and technology help you administer and communicate your HR programs effectively and efficiently.
  • Engagement

    A focused approach to improving employees’ mental and physical health can increase engagement for better business results.
  • Risk management

    We help you to proactively identify risk factors and then measure, monitor, and mitigate risk exposure in your HR programs.


Fixing Canada’s retirement ‘crisis’: Seeing beyond risk

IN A POLL OF 200 PENSION PLAN SPONSORS taken by a large Canadian consulting firm in June 2013, 71 percent agreed that the country is in the midst of a retirement crisis.

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