Morneau Shepell takes a unique, integrative approach to compensation consulting that helps you optimize your program design and ensure your employees fully appreciate the value of the compensation that you offer. Our compensation, pension, health and benefits, and communication teams work with you to provide a full perspective. You benefit from the expertise of our entire organization as we are committed to your success. We listen to you and work with you to develop and implement a total compensation program that is tailor-made for your organization, incorporating your business objectives and taking into account your culture.

Integrative and deep compensation knowledge

Our annual Compensation Trends and Projections survey is unique in the marketplace in that it looks at compensation from a larger vantage point—we survey organizations not only on direct compensation elements, but also about retirement and health and benefit programs, in order to tie together all key compensation elements, providing you with market trends from a total compensation standpoint.

We understand your compensation concerns and can help you find answers to the following:

  • How does your compensation offer compare to that of your competitors and to your specific industry?
  • Does your compensation program maintain internal equity?
  • Does your compensation program meet the legal pay equity requirements?
  • Does your incentive pay follow best practices and effectively incent and motivate your employees to achieve your organizational goals?

We provide annual reports on:

  • Cash compensation market indicators
    • Executive and middle management positions
    • Operations and production positions
    • Information technology positions
    • Marketing and sales positions
    • General administration position
  • Vehicle policies, prerequisites, and other working conditions
  • Market Trends and projections for next year

Informed compensation choices

Our experienced consultants listen to you to help you make informed choices regarding compensation packages and management tools including job evaluation and classification, cash compensation market indicators, salary policies, and variable compensation programs.

Job evaluation and classification

  • Designing and implementing job evaluation methods, compensation plans that are custom designed for your organization, and providing you with tools to maintain internal equity, comply with pay equity legislation, and control unnecessary wage inflation

Cash compensation market indicators

  • Evaluating market indicators using our databank of national surveys according to your organization’s activity, sector and size, and providing customized compensation surveys to give you the necessary independent compensation advice you need

Salary policies

  • Assisting with implementing salary policies and developing tools for managing salary progression; calculating salary structures for optimum internal equity, competitiveness, and your organization’s ability to adapt to market trends

Variable compensation programs

  • Designing variable annual compensation programs and assisting with their implementation. We will ensure your performance management approach follows best practices and will provide you with easy‑to‑use tools to administer your program within an agreed-upon envelope

Morneau Shepell survey shows salaries expected to increase by 2.3 per cent in 2018

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