• Business. Needs. People.

    Your business needs people. Your people need HR support. We work with you to create the right HR solutions to generate success. Maximize operational effectiveness, productivity, and cost effectiveness; increase engagement; and manage risk.
  • Productivity and cost effectiveness

    Cost effectiveness is the result of smart choices based on dialogue, data, design, and delivery. We work with your team to develop HR solutions that have a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • Operational effectiveness

    Our people and technology help you administer and communicate your HR programs effectively and efficiently.
  • Engagement

    A focused approach to improving employees’ mental and physical health can increase engagement for better business results.
  • Risk management

    We help you to proactively identify risk factors and then measure, monitor, and mitigate risk exposure in your HR programs.


The impact of workplace mental health on business

A recent national survey conducted by Morneau Shepell indicates that one in three working Canadians reports having, or having had, a mental health condition such as depression or an anxiety disorder.

Pension plans’ financial position: looking at 2014 and 2015 from a risk management standpoint

After 2013, which was an excellent year for most pension plans in terms of their financial position, 2014 was mixed.

Ontario government consults on key design features of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan

On December 17, 2014, the Ontario government released a consultation paper on the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan ("ORPP") titled "Ontario Retirement Pension Plan: Key Design Questions" (the "Consultation Paper")...



The 2015 workplace mental health priorities report

Read what employers, employees and physician think about mental health in the workplace.

Retirement Security for Everyone

A report summarizings findings and recommendations about the current state and future of Canada's retirement system by Canada's Public Policy Forum, in partnership with Morneau Shepell.

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